I Write Music

What I Call Music

My music is definitely an acquired taste.

I Have Three Albums

This isn't your everyday, run of the mill music and, yes, two of the albums have the same cover art!
At the time I thought that was a good idea since I had written 26 songs - now not so much.
The first album was meant more of a test - that's the one called 'Inspiration'.
Take a listen - let me know what you think - purchase if you like!


by Steve Shead.


by Steve Shead.


by Steve Shead.


The End of the page

There won't be anymore.

Don't expect my music to sounds like anything mainstream - indeed it is far from it.
You wouldn't want me to conform now would you? That would not work!
Let me know if you have questions or comments.
The End!

Social Me

Feel free to visit me on Social Media. I have opinions and I express them - would love to hear yours, philosophically speaking of course.

All opinions expressed here and on Social Media are my own and do not represent the views of anyone or anything else.

I have to say that - there are some 'not so nice' folks out there you know.


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